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Our mission is to empower salespeople in the mortgage and real estate industry with valuable trade secrets that will allow them to drive more sales and grow their businesses. By revealing the power of Legacy Group Capital’s private lending platform as well as giving insight into Legacy University’s Cornerstones of Success, we offer inspired professionals the keys to growing a thriving business and building wealth along the way.
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About Legacy University

Legacy University is an in-depth sales training program embraces a philosophy of two core principles: a commitment to integrity and bringing value to salespeople in the mortgage and real estate industry.

Drawing on decades of sales experience and delivering results, our experts inspire professionals to think like the fox and drive more sales. Our curriculum takes an innovative approach to personal development and professional excellence by delivering salespeople with a profitable niche that sets them apart from their competition.

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About Legacy Group Capital

Legacy Group Capital (LGC) is a premier private lending company that builds healthy returns through real estate investing and lending opportunities.

LGC partners with builders, real estate investors, and homeowners to help them achieve their goals in real estate acquisition through a premier lending platform like no other. They offer flexible terms combined with speed to allow their clients to achieve all their real estate goals.

LGC has four real estate funds available to investors that they have managed over the past 12 years. LGC has had zero investor losses and consistently produced 10% to 17% annual returns over the last decade.

LGC acquires developable real estate properties to develop within their investment funds or assign out to local builders for a fee. When they assign out to local builders, they also aid in due diligence and permitting. Over the last few years, LGC has averaged over 100 deals per year delivered to builders for profit.

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Our Team

Drew Nichol

Drew Nichol launched his career as a sales professional 30 years ago in the music industry where he quickly excelled. Ignited by his success, he chose to enter the mortgage banking industry where he had the opportunity to be a student of the Legacy U sales philosophy. Armed with the right tools and philosophy, Drew became a top producer in the industry, where he amassed $500 million in sales volume. Today, Drew is most passionate about passing on the “Trade Secrets” of Legacy U to other sales professionals who want to take their business to the next level. With his successful track record, enthusiasm for teaching, and desire to help others, Drew is a natural at teaching what he has experienced.

Scott Rerucha

With more than 25 years of experience building thriving companies and training thousands of sales professionals, Scott has established a track record and reputation in the mortgage and banking industry as a leader and trainer who deliver success.

Scott launched into the world of commission sales after earning a degree in finance from Seattle University, quickly establishing himself as a top producer for a large fortune 500 company. Almost as quickly, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he found his first business, Bay Mortgage. Over the next five years, he grew the company into a $500 million mortgage-making operation.

Scott went on to own several other companies, consistently building outstanding organizations, including Fortune Services Inc., Sky Bank, Northwest Biomedical, and most recently Legacy Group. Founded in 2007, the Legacy Group grew under Scott’s leadership into what is now Legacy Group Capital, the premier private lender in the Pacific Northwest.

The key to success as a leader, trainer, and company builder is his “be the fox “philosophy. With Legacy U, Scott wraps much of what he learned into a unique sales program that his sales teams live by. Dedicated to building strong, top-producing sales forces wherever he can, Scott is now offering his proven approach to all mortgage and real estate professionals.